White and Black Anemone Cake Flowers Part II

I was able to wire and tape Christine’s cake flowers this afternoon. Christine wanted my clay flowers, but had to have a reason to spend the money for them and she decided to ask me to do her cake flowers. She is so happy to be able to have my creations to grace her wedding cake!

I have to say, Christine is super sweet. She contacted me when our family was going through a family emergency with my husband’s mother falling ill and she was thoughtful enough to ask how she is doing and that they continue to keep her and our family in their prayers. Christine is a stranger, in the sense that I have never met her, but it’s so nice to know that even my clients are all heart! 🙂

At any rate, I promised Christine to provide her with photos of her cake flowers on my faux cake today and I know she’s going to be super happy with the results. I am. I love how they look with the black band. So classic, but modern and chic! I can’t wait to see professional photos. There are 12 flowers total, but my cake only is big enough to get 9, but even 9 is beautiful! WOW!Best wishes to Christine and Jonas on their wedding day!
  • Can you just imagine how wonderful these flowers are ?
    Such a fantastic work, I'm thrilled !