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Pink Peonies and Green Spider Mums…

Pink Peonies and Green Spider Mums...
I've been busy working on a large order for my client who is getting married in Canada in November. She wanted to get her flowers in plenty of time. It was a good thing she planned so far ahead because as the end of her order was approaching, she asked if she could add a couple of things. Her order consisted of a bridal bouquet, 3 bridesmaids bouquets, 9 boutonnieres,[...]

Bridal Bouquet Order of ivories, blues and purples – Part II

Bridal Bouquet Order of ivories, blues and purples - Part II
This is the 2nd part and continuation of yesterday's blog post. I just finished Paulette's tussie mussie bridesmaid bouquets. We first started out with 3 of them, but she recently emailed to let me know that her maid of honor could not attend so she's having a guy friend be her man of honor. :) Anyway, just wanted to share the completed bouquets. Paulette wanted cham[...]

Tussie Mussie Bridesmaid Bouquets - Green Hydrangeas and Ivory RosesThis particular client found me via my Etsy site and was interested in bouquets for her wedding. I honestly almost forgot her order (embarrassingly enough), but I caught it on Monday and have been working on it this whole week... Her bouquet pictures will be posted tomorrow once I finish assembling he[...]

The Bridal Bouquet to Match the Tussie Mussie BouquetsA lot to accomplish today before my podcast interview. This morning I managed to finish the bride's bouquet that matches the tussie mussie bouquets I blogged about earlier in the week. This one is a handtied bouquet. The tussie mussie holder is a little small to create a larger bridal bouquet in, so I thought it be[...]

Tussie Mussie Bouquets...I have always loved the look of a tussie mussie bouquet. The holders offer a Victorian, vintage and touch of elegance to a bouquet of flowers. I have a dear friend who wanted one so she could put fresh flowers in them wherever she was going out to a nice place instead of wearing a corsage or a lei. Everyone commented on how lovely the tussie m[...]