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Custom Home Decor PieceRoses, Peonies, Orange Blossoms, Gardenias and Stock Flowers

Custom Home Decor Piece
My client, Heather, asked me to make 2 home decor pieces for her new home in preparation for an upcoming house warming party. It took a while to get both pieces done, but thankfully she gave me a timeline. I had finished the first piece a couple months ago, but I just now finished her 2nd piece. She wanted a tall vase arrangement and she had purchased a beautiful gold[...]

Bridal Bouquet with a Vintage Look

Bridal Bouquet with a Vintage Look
A client recently asked me if I could create a bouquet off of a photo of another clay artist's design. That's always hard because each clay artist has their own style and look. However she liked certain elements of that bouquet and I tried to incorporate them but also make it my own design. She wanted eucharist flowers but instead of the traditional green[...]