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DK Designs' Passionate about Peonies made the Handpicked Items on the Etsy Home Page!On Etsy.com's home page, there's a handpicked section that's pretty much the focal point of their site. I often wondered who selects these items and how different Etsy vendors get their beautiful creations on the home page. I thought maybe it was the Etsy staff. Well come to find out [...]

New Items on Etsy.com... I decided to add more items to my wedding section to keep up with the requirements stipulated by the Etsy Wedding Team, plus I had some time last night to get caught up on some samples I needed to make. I made some gardenia hair flowers. I normally don't make hair flowers to sell in volume. However, I figured brides have been asking me to make[...]

More, More, More...I built two more arrangements this morning. One of my repeat Etsy.com clients asked if I would create a custom piece for her bedroom. She has peony envy because her peony garden suffered some kind of plant virus so she has no peonies this summer. Her bedroom is all blues and whites but she wanted a punch of color. At first I thought blue, pink and o[...]

Peonies So, the other day I went to Trader Joe's with Aidan and they have their fresh flowers lined up outside the store and I thought to myself, "I should just see what they have and buy some fresh flowers and take the time to appreciate what they look like in real life and also to help me get better at making them out of clay." So I came upon a small bouquet of PEON[...]

Passionate about PeoniesSo I am hooked on peonies. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! I guess that's why of late, my arrangements I've been creating are all peonies. :) Here are a couple new arrangements I made this morning that I just posted on http://www.dkdesignshawaii.etsy.com/. One uses those beautiful reddish pink ones and I mixed them with a new favorite flower of mine -[...]