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DK Designs Clay Gardenia Cake Flowers

DK Designs Clay Gardenia Cake Flowers
So, this evening just before my clay class, I got a notification that 2 of my items on Etsy sold. I was so excited, so I went to see what the buyer had purchased. It was my hair comb with all the little mini clay flowers and one of my gardenia hair flowers. I guess I need to start making more clay flower hair combs in the coming weeks.Well, my cake flowers aren't eve[...]

DK Designs' Passionate about Peonies made the Handpicked Items on the Etsy Home Page!On Etsy.com's home page, there's a handpicked section that's pretty much the focal point of their site. I often wondered who selects these items and how different Etsy vendors get their beautiful creations on the home page. I thought maybe it was the Etsy staff. Well come to find out [...]

More, More, More...I built two more arrangements this morning. One of my repeat Etsy.com clients asked if I would create a custom piece for her bedroom. She has peony envy because her peony garden suffered some kind of plant virus so she has no peonies this summer. Her bedroom is all blues and whites but she wanted a punch of color. At first I thought blue, pink and o[...]

Passionate about PeoniesSo I am hooked on peonies. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! I guess that's why of late, my arrangements I've been creating are all peonies. :) Here are a couple new arrangements I made this morning that I just posted on http://www.dkdesignshawaii.etsy.com/. One uses those beautiful reddish pink ones and I mixed them with a new favorite flower of mine -[...]

Recent Arrangements & ProjectsI know it's been a while since my last blog post. It's been to say the very least CRAZY BUSY with keeping up with the demand. Some of these photos are pictures of things I made for my husband's work. I have seemed to developed a fan club with the women at his work. They LOVE Martha Stewart and they LOVE my stuff. So I felt the need t[...]

DK Designs gets Plugged on Etsy News... New Arrangements Posted to Etsy.comI just found out that the people who write news articles for Etsy wrote about me and my little segment on Martha Stewart! It was a really nice little write up and so many people have commented that they saw the show and loved it! You can read the article at http://www.etsy.com/storque/section/[...]

DK Designs Selected to be on the Martha Stewart Show!!!I got an amazing call on Tuesday! We were driving down to Disneyland and I got a call with a 917 area code. I didn't recognize it so I let it go to VM. It was a call I NEVER expected in a million years! It was the production assistant from the Martha Stewart Show! She said the producers saw my pieces that I was se[...]

Etsy Wedding Blog Talks about DK Designs Creations!So I've been getting a bunch of emails and leads through my www.dkdesignshawaii.etsy.com store which is awesome. Today I got a direct email from a potential client and I asked her how she found out about me. She told me she saw my etsy store front, but found out about it through the http://etsyweddings.blogspot.com [...]