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Bridal Bouquet with a Vintage Look

Bridal Bouquet with a Vintage Look
A client recently asked me if I could create a bouquet off of a photo of another clay artist's design. That's always hard because each clay artist has their own style and look. However she liked certain elements of that bouquet and I tried to incorporate them but also make it my own design. She wanted eucharist flowers but instead of the traditional green[...]

Pink Peonies and Snow Berries

Pink Peonies and Snow Berries
After the move to Southern California, we have been blessed with awesome Spring and Summer like weather. We finally got hit with a big winter storm. We had small rivers and lakes growing around our house. While the rain is a welcome sight with drought like conditions, it is something we need. Needless to say, I missed my daily dose of bright blue skies and sunlight[...]

Stephanotis and Cherry Blossoms Embellished in Rhinestones

Stephanotis and Cherry Blossoms Embellished in Rhinestones
This particular UK bride asked me to recreate a bouquet that I had made for a past client. While I try not to replicate the same bouquet twice, I think even if I tried, they wouldn't look 100% the same.  Sometimes with email communication with my clients there's a bit of misunderstanding, but in the end everything always works out. :) Beki wanted lots of bl[...]

Ivory, White and Green Bouquet for a Destination Wedding…

Ivory, White and Green Bouquet for a Destination Wedding...
A client of mine contacted me via Etsy asking about an ivory dahlia hair flower, which led to a discussion about her bridal bouquet to match. She had a bouquet she liked but had wanted the main flower to be dahlias. Her fiance won at the craps table in Vegas that weekend so they agreed she could use part of the money to buy her bouquet and hair flower. :)The original [...]

Pink Peonies and Green Spider Mums…

Pink Peonies and Green Spider Mums...
I've been busy working on a large order for my client who is getting married in Canada in November. She wanted to get her flowers in plenty of time. It was a good thing she planned so far ahead because as the end of her order was approaching, she asked if she could add a couple of things. Her order consisted of a bridal bouquet, 3 bridesmaids bouquets, 9 boutonnieres,[...]

Plumerias – Part 2

Plumerias - Part 2
I finally finished Amanda's order of plumeria boutonnieres, corsages and her cake topper.There is something wonderful about a bouquet of white plumeria flowers. I miss that delicate fragrance they have. They are and always have been one of my all-time favorite flowers.I took some photos of the cake topper, bridesmaid bouquet and the groomsmen boutonnieres.

Coral, Pinks, Greens and Whites…

Coral, Pinks, Greens and Whites...
I've been busy teaching for the last 7 days as well as working on orders. I was able to complete this order this morning. My client wanted corals, pinks, greens and whites. Her request was to have peonies, ranunculus, roses, stephanotis, gardenias, hydrangeas and dogwood.The original request was a 10" diameter bouquet, but ultimately it turned into a 14" bouquet! I ha[...]