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New Business Stems from TheKnot.com Wedding Favors Photo GalleryYesterday I was shopping with Aidan at Target and I got a call. I didn't recognize the phone number so I let it go to VM and finished shopping. It was a call from a bride who was interested in my clay flowers. So when I got home I called Joanne back and she told me she saw my favors on theknot.com. It jus[...]

New Arrangements on Etsy.comThis week I've spent the majority of the time working on finishing up some of the June and early July orders. I've also been working on some of my projects (wrist haku lei) for the Tropical Course so that I can begin teaching that later this month. One of the arrangements I posted on DK Designs Etsy site was a product of a client ordering t[...]

Red Ginger Wedding InvitationsThe last issue of For the Bride magazine featured some of my wedding invitations. One of them had a red ginger on it. Ironically enough, this picture is one I took of a red ginger flower in my very own backyard in Hawaii because I couldn't find a nice image of red ginger that I could use for my invitation. I haven't gotten a request for t[...]

New Pictures of FlowersAs many of you know, wedding season has kicked into HIGH gear! Although since last summer, I think it's been that way for me! I wanted to just share a few photos of some things I've been working on for my clients and Etsy.com. There will be more to follow in the coming weeks as I knock out all my orders! I'm excited though at all the bouquet ord[...]

12 New Arrangements Listed on www.dkdesignshawaii.etsy.com!Well, I worked hard all weekend long to post some new arrangements to my http://www.dkdesignshawaii.etsy.com/ storefront! There are now 12 new arrangements on the site for purchase! I hope to post more by next week. Some of the popular arrangements like the pink gerbera and coral pink roses are back, some new [...]

Recent Arrangements & ProjectsI know it's been a while since my last blog post. It's been to say the very least CRAZY BUSY with keeping up with the demand. Some of these photos are pictures of things I made for my husband's work. I have seemed to developed a fan club with the women at his work. They LOVE Martha Stewart and they LOVE my stuff. So I felt the need t[...]

DK Designs gets Plugged on Etsy News... New Arrangements Posted to Etsy.comI just found out that the people who write news articles for Etsy wrote about me and my little segment on Martha Stewart! It was a really nice little write up and so many people have commented that they saw the show and loved it! You can read the article at http://www.etsy.com/storque/section/[...]

(Picture of Noel & Karen from the MarthaStewat.com blog)DK Designs - As Seen on the Martha Stewart Show!I arrived on 3/31 to JFK, definitely sleep deprived but excited! I checked into the hotel and got prepared for my 10:30 meeting with the producers. I got right to work with Kristen St. Clair who helped me get the swap outs done for the show. She and Robert helpe[...]