Passionate about Peonies

So I am hooked on peonies. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! I guess that’s why of late, my arrangements I’ve been creating are all peonies. 🙂 Here are a couple new arrangements I made this morning that I just posted on One uses those beautiful reddish pink ones and I mixed them with a new favorite flower of mine – Yaezakura Cherry Blossoms. They are beautiful double petal cherry blossoms I learned from my instructor, Yukiko Miyai during my trip to Hawaii a few weeks back. I think these two flowers go really well together. Cherry blossoms are so delicate and wilt so easily so having them in clay allows you to have them year long and then some! 🙂

The second arrangement is also peonies, but in the creamy white (almost a pale yellow) with blue hydrangeas. I love the colors. Plus, brides are into that little “something blue”! 🙂
I’m still frantically catching up on all my invitation orders and then it’s off to the races with FLOWER MAKING MADNESS! I literally have brides lined up from now until October! It’s truly amazing how many brides are really taking hold of the clay flower bouquet idea!