OOT Bags for Big Island Wedding

So I had pictures of some comps I did for a client a month or two ago. The wedding is almost here. Sayaka and Jeff tie the knot on May 2nd! Sayaka’s family is flying in from Japan and Jeff’s family is from the East Coast so it just so happens they are kind of meeting about half way! They are getting married at the beautiful Kona Plantation.

I asked Orchid Isle Weddings & Events if they could take some snapshots of the OOT bags since typically the photographer who shoots the actual wedding doesn’t get to take these pics unless the bride remembers to make it part of the details to shoot. So thank you to Ruth Powell (Cheryl Shoemaker’s assistant) who took these great pictures for me!

Sayaka requested all of the items to have the phrase “Makana Aloha” which losely translated is “gifts of Aloha or gifts of love”. They wanted plumerias for the OOT items and the wedding day details use the orange cymbidium. It’s kind of fitting because the favors we did are tiny wooden turtles with mini white plumerias for the men attending the wedding and the women get orange cymbidium orchid favors. I hope to share in the coming months pictures from the photographer who is shooting their wedding! Until then… enjoy!