New Brand… New Website!

Logo-01I’m so excited to finally announce and share with you the new brand identity and logo for DK Designs. When I first started the company, it started with an artist sketch of plumeria flowers around DK Designs and ask I began to grow, I changed it and put an orchid over the “i”. For the last year or two, I’ve wanted a change, but I lacked the graphic design skills to do it. So I decided to call upon the amazing team at Flosites to help me. They really took into account my inspiration boards, but also gave their expert advice on how they see my brand based on all the information I gave them and what my goals for the company are. They brought up things that I didn’t really think about, but that made a lot of sense. It’s a complete departure from my previous logo, but I absolutely love it. I am so thankful to Ross, Polina and the rest of the team for their help and patience. home2015

Now that I have a new brand identity, I also decided to make a switch on my website platform. I initially loved BluDomain’s website, but I realized flash based websites while served the purpose in the beginning, didn’t necessarily work now. I thought maybe if I bought another theme I would be happy, but I was quickly realizing that it wasn’t what I wanted. As I worked with Flosites, they suggested Flothemes since it wasn’t in the cards for me to afford a fully redesigned website with all the bells and whistles. So I opted for the next best option and worked with Flothemes to create a website platform I was happy with. It took some effort on my part to get it going and there’s still more to do, but so far I’m happy with how it looks! The really great thing is that I’m finally able to have my blog as part of my website and be able to finally offer DECO Clay Craft Academy classes again. I’ll share about that more later. For now, I hope you’ll take a look around and let me know what you think about the new logo, website and blog.  Thank you to Mark and his team at Flothemes for their countless hours of answering questions and helping me get used to the new interface!blog22015