More White Floral Arrangements


Sometimes while designing pieces for my clients there are misunderstandings in terms of what I think they are saying and what they are really saying since most of the conversations I have with my clients are via email. This happened with the last arrangement I did that I blogged about. My long time client asked for a white/grey floral arrangement and when I heard white flowers, I pretty much figured she meant white petals but color was okay. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. Tamara and I were able to discuss what it was she was exactly going for and what she wanted to achieve. She asked for more gardenias, hydrangeas and peonies. She liked silver brunia since the bathroom is white and grey.


While the anemones were not the right fit for the arrangement, they didn’t go unused. Tamara ordered a white/black anemone arrangement in a mirror vase for her powder room that has white, silver and a little bit of pink accents. I used lamb’s ear as filler.


Now that I have finished my home decor pieces for my clients. I need to redirect my focus to creating my piece for the 35th Anniversary of DECO Clay Craft Academy. So behind, but I’ve got the ideas in my head and now it’s time to finally execute!