DK Designs Clay Flower Hair Accessories

A client found me last week via my Etsy site and asked if I could make her a gardenia hair flower on an alligator clip. Her wedding is fast approaching, but she lives locally so I told her I could make her one with the clip as requested.

Anyway, I agreed to do the order and then she came back and sent me a picture of a silk hydrangea hair flower accessory embellished with crystals that she found on Nordstrom’s website. She asked if I could do it and I told her that I could recreate it in clay, but it would look obviously different and only embellished with crystals in the centers of the flowers. So she agreed to the price and defined which ones she wanted and I just finished assembling them this morning.

Now I can refocus my attention on the upcoming Bridal Faire and get geared up for that!