ClassesBecome a DECO Clay Craft Academy student today!

Interested in learning how to create your own lifelike blooms out of clay?


Diane is once again teaching with the DECO Clay Craft Academy and sharing this amazing clay art form with you!


Diane is an accredited DECO Clay Craft Academy Instructor of over 10 years. She learned from the very talented Yukiko Miyai and her mother, Kazuko Miyai, the creators of the DECO Clay Craft Academy, starting in 2001. This was where her love of clay flowers began. Over the last 15 years, Diane has been perfecting her techniques taught by the Miyai family and she is excited to continue teaching with the Academy again.


Currently classes are by inquiry only. Diane teaches the following DECO Clay Craft Academy courses:

  • Flower Course Curriculum 1
  • Flower Course Curriculum 2
  • Tropical Flower Course Curriculum 1
  • Flower Course Curriculum 3
  • Private Classes
  • Discovery Classes
  • Accelerated Classes

In past years many interested students have come from as far as Saudi Arabia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore and around the United States to take accelerated classes with Diane. Accelerated classes are offered on a limited basis and only during certain times of the year. If you are interested, please feel free to email her here. We look forward to your email and can provide you with more details on what the DECO Clay Craft Academy courses entail. You will be absolutely amazed at what you can create in just a 2 hour class. Inquire today!